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Sensitive feedback

We all share a collective responsibility to ensure a safe environment for people at risk. Loop takes a Survivor Centred approach to dealing with sensitive feedback, and we urge all organisations in the humanitarian and development sector to join us in combating misconduct and abuse.

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Ensuring a safe feedback channel for survivors

We receive a wide range of feedback about services, as well as feedback about how interventions are impacting on people’s lives. These include sensitive feedback about:

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Fraud & corruption
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Staff misconduct

Sensitive feedback is processed through our safe referral pathway. Specialist Case Managers handle each case individually. Sensitive feedback is never posted on the open platform.

Case Managers are professionally trained to UN PSEA Coordinator level. Their skills include management of investigations, training, and capacity sharing – always with a survivor-centred approach.

The safety of people who use Loop is paramount. We are compliant with the highest standards of data protection for all users of the site globally, and manage and store data with the highest levels of data security.

How it works

Our first priority is survivor safety. We have a specific protocol to protect identity and ensure security.

Contact loop

A survivor contacts Loop in their preferred language through SMS, voice, or web. They are asked whether their feedback is ‘sensitive’ or not.

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If the feedback is confirmed as 'sensitive', the moderator will offer the author the choice of whether they would like to provide contact details or remain fully anonymous.

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Case manager

A Loop Case Manager is alerted, who then reviews the sensitive feedback on an encrypted case management tool. They refer cases on to safe focal points only for accountability and assistance.

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If the author has chosen to share their contact details, we ask for their consent to share Personal Identifiable Information (PII) with specific organisational focal points.

Otherwise PII is not shared.

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An appropriate person (focal point) receives the sensitive feedback and takes accountable action according to their organisation's protocols. They are invited to updated Loop on top line milestones only.

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Tracking accountability

Aggregate and anonymous statistical data only is posted on the sensitive feedback page so that organisations can learn from trends and improve their responses.

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A survivor-centred approach to sensitive feedback

This process, designed in collaboration with vulnerable and minority people from communities affected by crises, as well as dedicated humanitarian protection professionals, ensures that the responsibility of who has to act is tracked until the allegation is fully accounted for, the original author of the feedback has been informed, and the case can be closed.

Got a question?

Visit our Frequently Asked Question page to learn more.

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Anonymised data to build a shared understanding of accountability

Our Sensitive Cases statistics page is designed to to provide sector wide accountability: offering completely anonymised trends data which can be used to inform policy and funding decisions, to best help people who are being abused.

No Personal Identifiable Information is ever posted to the statistics page.