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We’re on a mission to #Make All Our Voices Count

Our platform is paving the way for a new era in accountability in the humanitarian and international development sectors.

Loop in numbers

Since piloting Loop in Zambia in 2020, we’ve grown the platform steadily. We’re focussing now on going deep in the contexts that Loop is already in, demonstrating to organisations the value of quantitative data, and the qualitative insights it can bring.

Pieces of feedback received on the platform across all input channels
Organisations using Loop around the world
Replies received, translated and forwarded to authors of original feedback
Languages supported on the platform, with more coming soon
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Our team

Accountable in our organisation structure

A core aspect of Loop’s structure is that it is accountable to people from affected countries. Loop works through a network of locally relevant and locally owned groups of organisations who see the value that Loop can bring to their context long-term.

Loop is led by and accountable to a Governing Board of professionals who have lived experience, come from, and understand, the needs of vulnerable and marginalised communities. This board is supported by a non-decision making Advisory Board of people who represent key stakeholders in the sector: people who will help to integrate the initiative and commit to actively support it.

Loop’s Operations teams are made up of a dispersed group of professionals from all over the world, working in different organisations, leveraging their networks and knowledge to ensure Loop delivers on our mission. The Loop central hub team supports the teams based in each country of operation.