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Loop is paving the way for the accountability revolution, by ensuring the voices of affected communities are at the heart of organisational decision-making.

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Gather feedback 24/7 online or offline

Reach people where they are, on a device that they already own or can easily access. Loop helps organisations to cross the digital divide. Our patent pending Interactive Voice Response and Reply (IVRR) technology makes it easy for anybody, regardless of their literacy, to raise their voices and inform decision-making.

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A growing list of local and international languages

Accessibility and inclusion are at the heart of our platform. Feedback submitted in one language is translated to 15 others, with more languages being added all the time. 

Feedback is translated using a combination of our dedicated moderation team and machine translation technology. This ensures the highest quality results across languages.

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Bahasa Indonesia
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Somali (af Maay)
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Somali (Maxatiri)
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Data driven insights for any size of organisation

Our statistics page helps decision-makers spot trends, identify latent themes, and allocate resources accordingly. The quantitative data on can be filtered according to parameters including:

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Type of feedback
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Location (national & regional)
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Demographic (age, gender, ability)
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Thematic area
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This helps any organisation to make decisions that enable them to be responsive and reactive to the emerging needs and perspectives of the communities with which they work.

Personal Identifiable Information is never posted to our statistics page.

Ensuring a completely safe feedback channel for survivors

Loop is committed to providing a safe independent mechanism to deal with sensitive feedback, and we urge all organisations in the humanitarian and development sector to join us in combating misconduct and abuse.

We are committed to enabling anonymous independent reporting across the sector. We follow a survivor centred approach, enabling anonymous independent reporting. Reports are channelled into existing referral pathways.

Our first priority is survivor safety and we have a specific protocol to protect identity and ensure security.

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How it works

Interactive Voice Response and Reply (IVRR)

Feedback should not be restricted by literacy, connectivity, or language. That’s why we created IVRR.

Recipient of aid records their feedback in their chosen language by calling our free phone number (e.g. 6464 in Somalia), from any phone.
Loop moderators transcribe, translate and tag the feedback before it is visible on the platform. Organisations are notified of feedback about them. Aggregate data of trends is visible on the statistics page.
Anyone, including organisations, can reply directly to feedback, in their own time, in their own language, on any device, to stay engaged remotely.
Replies are also translated, and an audio recording is created for the original author of the feedback. The reply is published publicly on the Loop platform, providing it is not sensitive.
The author receives an automated phone call during which they can hear the reply read out to them in their chosen language. The author can then choose to respond immediately, request a call back the next day or simply hangup. The feedback loop is closed!
Discover how IVRR is changing the way organisations learn from the communities they serve in Somalia
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