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Richard Harrison

Founder, Grounded Third Party Monitoring

Richard has 25 years of experience, mainly in the development and humanitarian fields leading Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning progammes. He specialises in MEL, programming and policy in fragile and conflict-affected environments, authoring the EU’s guidance on best practice in Third Party Monitoring.

He has worked in government (for FCDO as a MEL Advisor and Stabilisation Advisor in West Africa), for the UN (OCHA Sri Lanka), INGOs (Research and Comms Director for the Charities Aid Foundation) and the private sector (Head of Social Research for Kantar Public East Africa).

He has worked on the ground in 30+ countries, having lived in the Middle East for 5 years, Africa for 2 and Asia for 10 years. Based in Copenhagen, he is the founder of the MEL agency Grounded, and holds an MSc in development management.