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Kimberly Gire

Founder, Global Women Leaders Strategic Philanthropy

Kimberly Gire is the Founder of Global Women Leaders Strategic Philanthropy, the Co-Chair of the Centre for Disaster Protection, the Chair of the Centre for Global Equality at Cambridge, and the Chair of the Advisory Board for the Global Schools Forum.

A career banking and finance senior executive, she was previously the CFO for the retail, business and private banking divisions of Westpac Banking Corporation and has worked extensively in the international capital markets.

As a strategic philanthropist, Kimberly donates her professional skills and experience in capital markets, treasury, structured finance and philanthropy to support humanitarian, development and environmental organisations, including as a pro bono Special Advisor to the EJS Presidential Centre for Women and Development, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Swisscross Foundation, and as a member of the High-Level Steering Group for the Education Outcomes Fund.

She was an Advisor to The World Bank’s collaborative Famine Action Mechanism, a member of the B20 Saudi Arabia Advocacy Caucus, and is a member of the Editorial Board for the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society Global Meeting, and the Women and Girls Africa Summit, and is a Member of the Australian Institute for Company Directors.