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Safe reporting for victims of abuse

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Alex Ross
September 22, 2021
February 6, 2023

Do you work with victims of abuse? Do your service users need a safe reporting mechanism?

Loop provides a safe, anonymous, independent reporting platform 

Loop is a global platform for people to share their stories about their experiences. Aspart of this service they can also safely report any concerns they have about abuse, misconduct, fraud, sexual exploitation or other issues. 

Loop is free to use, available in multiple languages– and designed to be completely safe. 

People can report via SMS text messages,Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or on our platform directly from a phone or computer.

Why is Loop so important? 

Because victims are often not in a position of power and fear reporting abuse in case of reprisals or stigma. 

Because there can be no accountability if the scale and type of abuse is not known or understood.

In summary

Anyone from anywhere can safely report any abuse, fraud or misconduct they have experienced or seen; safely, confidentially, in real-time, in most languages. A trained case manager will find the appropriate safe organisation to refer this onto and we will follow up and track key milestones of accountability: has assistance been provided, has an investigation begun etc.

Anonymous, aggregated data is then available for everyone to see and use to influence funding and policy decisions for greater accountability.

How does Loop work? 

Loop uses existing phone and computer technology to allow people receiving aid to give feedback; safely, easily, and without having to wait to be asked. Wherever they are, from the remotest rural communities to urban areas in crisis, anyone can use Loop to tell their own story, shape the services being provided for them and report any concerns or abuse.

The organisations and donors providing aid also benefit from Loop, with the ability to quickly and safely hear about any concerns or abuse, while protecting the author. The patterns in the data can be seen by anyone on an ongoing basis. Patterns about who has reported, who has responded, what type of organisations are being reported. People can use Loop online or on their phone using SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

Loop is accessible in local languages, and it doesn’t even depend on literacy: users can speak their stories.

Sensitive stories and our duty of care 

Loop believes that everyone has an opinion about the support and services that they receive. It is our constant endeavour to find ways for them to feel confident and be able to share this in a safe, meaningful, and transparent manner, so that it informs and affects positive social change. 

As our duty of care, we also safely receive sensitive stories of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment as well as reports about serious complaints and fraud. We process these through a safe professional referral pathway, and they are not shared on the open platform. 

Anonymised, aggregated data will however be available on our statistics page. This will help to show trends, blockages, and accountability of the sector as a whole in real time, over geographic locations, types of organisations, types of feedback and across different demographics. We can also track if assistance has been provided and key milestones of investigations, if organisations share the top line updates with us. Everyone has access to this aggregate, non-identifiable data. 

The safety of people who use Loop is paramount. We are exceed the gold standards of data protection for all users of the site globally and manage and store data with the highest levels of data security.

Going forward with Loop

Loop is already functional in Zambia and the Philippines through text messaging or on any device with internet connectivity, and we are piloting its use in Somalia. We provide translation services in a constantly growing set of languages. We are designing Interactive Voice response (IVR) for illiterate populations to send and receive voice messages through a free call number that is integrated to the Loop platform.

We plan to let people feed back by using IVR over the phone and web, WhatsApp,Facebook messenger, IMO, USSD codes and other features over the coming year. 

Loop is complementary to, and can collaborate with, other existing feedback mechanisms.

Loop is reimagining accountability by providing a safe, independent place to listen to the voices of people affected and for them to choose how much information to share. Will you help by letting people know they can report through Loop?

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Alex Ross
Loop Lead