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Loop´s commitment to accessibility through language in Somalia

November 3, 2023
November 3, 2023

Loop is committed to reducing barriers to feeding back and to having access to that information by local people. We know that language and literacy are large barriers to feeding back, reporting, information and agency. As such in Somalia, we commit to:

1. Have the platform available in written form in Somali Maxatiri.

2. Have communications materials (posters, stickers etc) translated into the relevant local languages.

3. Have the voice component of the platform operational in as many of the following languages as possible:

  • Maxaatiri - the primary language for education - is written and spoken.
  • Maay is the second most prominent language. Some Maay speakers cannot understand Maxatiri and most Maxaatiri speakers do not fully understand the Maay dialect. Maay is not a widely written language and has no officially agreed upon standard of writing. Maay has a number of dialects within it.
  • Barawaani.
  • Banaadiri - af Marka dialect - the other dialect of Benadiri is very close to Maay.
  • Baajuuni.
  • Mushunguli (kizigula or Wazigwa).


It is understood that most people who speak the following languages also understand Maay and/or Maxatiri - Jiido, Garre, Tuni, Elai (Maay), Boon, Dabarre. Therefore they will not be included on the platform. 

We also, as per Loop policies on accessibility and localisation:

4. Write and call languages by their Somali names, as referenced in this document.

5. Have communications materials in as visual a format as possible.

6. Have translations done once by Loop moderators and checked a second time by other non Loop staff.

7. Improve on an ongoing basis and welcome feedback.

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