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Listen to Loop's Alex Ross on the Journey To Transformation podcast.

April 4, 2023
April 4, 2023

The Journey To Transformation podcast is the creation of Teia Rogers and Lauren Burrows of who have worked in the humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding fields for many years. Now they’re travelling around in a campervan, on a journey to understand what organisational transformation does, and could, look like.

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Listeners can join them each week as they discuss their non-profit experience and invite guests from across different sectors to pull back the curtain on how organisations function (or not) and understand what can be done on an organisational and individual level to address complex social issues.

In the most recent episode (the sixtieth) of the Journey To Transformation podcast Lauren was joined by our very own Alex Ross, founder and Lead at Loop, and Mpala Nkonkomalimba a Zambia based a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist who has been evaluating Loop's work and impact in Zambia.

The episode takes listeners on an insightful journey into the world of Talk to Loop. Lauren, Alex, and Mpala discuss the power of real-time feedback, its ability to challenge traditional Monitoring and Evaluation practices, and the impact it can have on the communities served.

They also explore the potential of Talk to Loop to bridge communication gaps and enhance engagement between local organisations and communities.

Listeners will gain insights on:

• How Talk to Loop emerged as a solution to the challenges in the humanitarian and development sector

• The platform's role in breaking down social norms, cultural barriers, and traditional practices

• The positive effect of Talk to Loop on gender dynamics, inclusivity, and representation

You can follow the podcast on Instagram @jrnypodcast and on Twitter @jrnypodcast

To hear the podcast just click the link or the image above or find it on Spotify.

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