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Crossing the 1000 mark, making sense of feedback

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Alex Ross
June 28, 2022
February 6, 2023

A rapidly growing number of organisations have registered to use the Talk to Loop platform as they recognize that it can improve the effectiveness of their efforts, strengthen their accountability, encourage meaningful participation, and establish stronger relationships with communities they serve.

With more than 260 people from over 170 organisations currently registered on our platform, we have also received more than 1000 stories on our Talk To Loop platform (in fact at the time of posting the figure has reached more than 1,350), a milestone which signifies the role of feedback in shifting power to those who are least heard and a reflection of how organisations are making cultural changes to listen to what people are saying.  

The National Anti-Poverty Commission, a government agency of the Republic of the Philippines, has prioritised listening to the voices of communities through surveys and has developed a survey to determine whether or not the Philippine Government's response to the COVID-19 crisis has been effective. They will use this information to develop a People’s COVID plan. The questions have been administered on the Talk To Loop platform where people are sharing practical challenges of how they are being affected by the pandemic.

Collage of people using Loop with text overlayed saying 'Celebrating 1000+ stories on Talk to Loop platform'

Another organisation which focuses on the reduction of corruption through promotion of good governance in Zambia, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), recently registered to use Talk To Loop in order to respond to corruption more effectively. 

A spokesperson for TIZ said: “The platform will help us to raise public awareness on corruption and how people can play a pivotal role in addressing its effects. We want people to report corruption incidents on the platform and we will take measures to address them”.

In Lubin, Poland, an organisation called Homo Faber, which deals with issues connected with human rights, and is supported by the Danish Refugee Council, said they have been receiving positive feedback for their legal intervention they are providing to foreigners and refugees. 

“So far, we have been receiving amazing feedback on the Talk To Loop platform, with people mostly appreciating our services. People should not just use the platform to praise our organisation but can also share negative feedback which can help us to improve our services,” said a Homo Faber spokesperson.

Engagement with communities also provides a basis for dialogue with people affected by a crisis not only on what is needed but also on how what is needed might best be provided.

When the Super Typhoon hit the Philippines on the 16th of December 2021 there was an immediate need for affected people to give feedback about their needs and the type of support they were getting. ECOWEB, a national NGO in the Philippines, championed the use of Talk To Loop to respond to the crisis and assisted families with shelter kits and food packs. They are a positive example of accountability and have responded to all of the stories sent to them through Loop within a week.

Our hope is to see more organisations registering on Talk To Loop platform as a way of enhancing their feedback mechanisms so that they get to understand more on the quality and effectiveness of their efforts. 

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Alex Ross
Loop Lead