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Building an ecosystem of tools

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Alex Ross
May 24, 2023
May 24, 2023
During the prototyping, networking and wider research that went into the design and development of the Loop platform, we came across hundreds of other innovations and technical solutions being used and developed for humanitarian, development and peace contexts.  

A few have stood out as being designed in decentralised, locally-owned ways, enabling the use of technology for power sharing and to address some of the current silos, high costs, dependencies on international experts and other inefficiencies. All the designs built off digital concepts of open data and local adaptations to a global service: the objective being increased agency and efficiencies of resources for local leaders.

We felt like we spoke the same language: there was no sense of competition and we wanted to promote each other's work collectively, to support any organisations who might have a need for our various solutions.

So we have set up a small network and repository or ecosystem of tools. The criterion is that local actors hold the power on when, how and if they choose to use it. They can draw them down, own, implement independently, engage and control the data and approach based on their local gaps, needs, culture and risks.

It's all about minimising waste and duplication in the area of innovation for local actors: trying to help make finding solutions easier by sharing simple, accessible tools, which could work together to support Civil Society Organisations to work with their communities.

It's initially a small group of tools that could grow over time but already helps organisations if they want to:

  • find and meet donors
  • establish electricity and internet connectivity
  • set up a feedback, complaints and safe reporting mechanism
  • get help in mapping  work/community
  • need support with procurement
  • set up your own community response and activities but are not sure where to start

If you recognise and share any of these challenges then please visit our Ecosystem of Tools document here.

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Alex Ross
Loop Lead