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Support us

Help us provide a safe way for people in crisis to report abuse, exploitation, fraud or misconduct, so that assistance and accountability can occur.

Help us reach minority groups and excluded communities in Somalia

With a historic mark of 4 million displaced people in the country due to conflict, drought, and floods, we want to reach communities that tragically remain unheard in the Humanitarian Aid sector.

🤝 Contribute to our 10,000 USD fundraising so these communities can use the Talk To Loop platform and have their concerns, requests, and complaints heard and responded to.

Your donation can make a real difference!

Donate via GlobalGiving below and choose the level of support that fits into your possibilities at the moment.

A woman sitting down outside and wearing a blue headscarf reads a text on a mobile phone
View from the back of the room as a Loop staff member in The Philippines speaks to the group, wearing a Loop tee-shirt and a facemask

Fund a new country implementation, feature or target audience

We’re always keen to speak with potential sponsors who share our commitment to communities. If your company or organisation would like to sponsor Loop, or any of our local partners directly, we offer a range of opportunities.

Sponsorship can focus on a particular country; or on increasing access to a specific group (women, youth, LGBQTI+, disabled); or on a specific technical area such as communications or marketing

Contribute with pro-bono tech skills

To have a massive positive impact for the most marginalised populations across the globe who are so often left out, we focus on crossing the digital divide. We have ambitious plans to develop our technology to improve our service, by utilising AI, machine translation, interactive geospatial mapping and more.

To achieve all this we are calling on tech innovators to support Loop with advice, knowledge transfer, and skilled professionals: we would welcome pro bono secondments of skilled staff to our tech and design teams.

A man at a radio station in Zambia adjusts a microphone while two of Loop's staff members prepare to speak on-air