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Natalia Boyko

Loop Moderator
Ukraine regional response

Natalia was born and raised in Ukraine. In her hometown, she studied at the Kolomyia College of Economics and Law of Kyiv University of Trade and Economics at the Faculty of Law. At the age of 17, she moved to Rzeszów, Poland, and began studying at UITM at the Faculty of International Relations.

In 2014, her family first encountered the war and experienced first-hand what it means to wait for a father or husband to return from the front line. It was then that she realised that unfortunately, it is very difficult to be heard when you are an ordinary person. For several years she has worked in various types of jobs. But in 2022, when the war turned into a full-scale conflict, she and her family could not stay away. She started volunteer work in small steps. Now she is a delegated volunteer of the public organisation Strong, and moderator and official representative of Loop in Ukraine. She speaks several languages – Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and English.