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Technology Lead

June 9, 2024
June 9, 2024

Talk to Loop is looking for a Technology Lead.

Talk to Loop is a feedback and reporting mechanism driving inclusive community engagement, transparency and accountability for the efficacy of aid provision, disaster management, prevention and early warning, as well as for the safe reporting of SEA, GBV, fraud, corruption, and misconduct, among other things. 

To understand what Talk to Loop is, our mission and our way of working please consult this document. To get the details on the job opening and the application process continue reading.

Country:  Ideal candidates hold a valid working permit in either The Netherlands or the UK. Candidates in other locations are welcome to apply but the recruitment would depend on finding local hosting arrangements.

Location:  Work from home or, if in The Netherlands, from  the Humanity Hub in The Hague.

Salary:  A starting salary range of EUR 60,000 per annum (depending on experience)

Job Type: Full-time permanent (subject to funding)

Working Times/Zones:  40 hours per week /  Central European Time.

Travel Required: Some travel for meetings within the Netherlands,  Europe, USA or Asia may be required.

*We encourage staff to use eco-friendly practices when working from home. For ideas on how to do this, please visit this site.

Management Responsibilities

Reports to: Global Loop Lead

Indirect relationships: Sensitive Feedback Lead, Communications and Fundraising Lead, among others. 

Position Overview

As the Technology Lead at Loop, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the effective operation and continuous efficient improvement of the Talk to Loop platform and linked technologies. This includes the website, case management tool and the platform, and together makes up our innovative feedback platform which is the core of the Loop Charitable work. You will collaborate closely with Loop country leads, sensitive feedback leads, moderators, and external partners to drive technological advancements that enhance all users experience, ensure data privacy, amplify trends and learning and streamline feedback management processes. This position requires a seasoned digital product manager with a strong technical background and a proactive approach to problem-solving based on strong ethical standards.

Expected Tasks

Coordination and Collaboration

  • Liaise with Loop country leads, sensitive feedback leads, and moderators to coordinate feedback and implement necessary changes to the platform, website, feedback channels, and case management database.
  • Collaborate with other technology services in the ecosystem to identify synergies, efficiencies, learning, best practice and open resources to reduce costs and increase alignment. 
  • Identify and work with technology providers - developers and designers, in each of the partner countries to leverage local knowledge, networks and partnerships for the successful implementation of Loop in each ecosystem. Including writing ToRs, assessing and selecting relevant companies, staff and consultants.
  • Contribute to prospecting fundraising opportunities and developing compelling proposals, within the technology sector (tech for social good, innovation & AI for inclusion, and others), including partnerships with private sector stakeholders.
  • Engage with Dutch and international tech and innovation related networks in an effort to raise awareness of Loop's innovative approach, learn from others and develop collaborative partnerships.

Product Development and Maintenance

  • Lead the development of new features and product enhancements. Duties would include; concept development and evaluation, creating feature scoping documents, developing and maintaining product roadmap and backlog prioritisation.
  • Lead the development of new products. Duties would include low fidelity prototyping, user testing, compliance with Loop's privacy requirements etc.
  • Identify opportunities to incorporate AI safely to the Loop platform.
  • Lead the user design and testing of new features at the country and sub-regional level, ensuring new features are rolled out in line with the local context and designed for a diverse range of users profiles, including organisations, communities and illiterate low technology enabled stakeholders.
  • Make minor upgrades to the code and perform bug fixes and regular tests, as requested. This includes writing test cases and coding automated tests where possible.
  • Regularly assess platform analytics, ensuring that the platform and the website are adjusted and improved based on data. 
  • Support the maintenance and redesign of the website, in collaboration with the Communications team.
  • Provide inputs on proposals, policies, guidelines, and other documents as required to ensure alignment with technological capabilities, GDPR and other critical requirements.
  • Manage tech contractors, third party service providers and partnerships, ensuring security is complied with, high quality value for money services are delivered and smooth communication and collaboration to meet the project objectives.

Compliance and Security

  • Regularly review Loop products and policies for GDPR compliance, taking proactive measures to address any potential risks or issues.
  • Coordinate data privacy policy updates, DPIA development and inputs, and organise annual security checks and penetration testing to safeguard user data. This will be at the global level, with contractors and adaptations and analysis for each country. 

Team Support and Training

  • Ensure all team members undergo regular digital health checks and provide necessary training to enhance technical skills and knowledge.
  • Provide low-fidelity UX/UX design as requested for the platform, website, and communication tools, contributing to the overall user-centric design approach.

Required Technical Skills:

  • 5 years of experience in digital product management, preferably with web-based applications, demonstrating a track record of managing technology products from inception to delivery.
  • 3+ years of experience in managing technology vendors, including contract management, project coordination, and vendor selection.
  • Good working knowledge of JavaScript to effectively resolve bugs and address small issues.
  • Previous evidenced experience with platforms including Airtable, Twilio, Textit, and Webflow.
  • Previous experience developing and deploying chatbots across SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), WhatsApp, and Telegram platforms.
  • 3 years of evidenced experience ensuring digital products comply with GDPR regulations.
  • Experience in the development of Lo-fi open source products, specifically voice and Mobile network solutions (not just 4G + internet solutions for literate users).
  • Languages: Fluent English is required, Dutch and French desirable, other languages very welcome. 

Desirable skill set: 

  • Basic UI/UX skills, capable of creating low-fidelity wireframes and simple mock designs for new product features.
  • Previous exposure to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Familiarity with liaising with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across different countries in Africa and or Asia.

Other Skills:

  • Independent thinking and a self-starter mindset to drive initiatives forward.
  • Cultural sensitivity, listening and a commitment to understanding different contexts, cultures, user patterns to inform the Loop approach. 
  • A strong network in the Digital Innovation Space, Humanitarian and Development Tech for Good and with people working with Open technologies.

If you're passionate about making a meaningful impact and amplifying the voices of communities worldwide, we invite you to join us. Together, we can reimagine accountability, build trust, and create positive change that benefits everyone.

To apply, complete this application form and we promise to get back to you within 2 weeks, whether your application is successful or not. The application process will be open until the 28th of June.

Recruitment for this role is ongoing, and we will close recruitment once we have found the right candidate.

Roles are dependent on donor funding, and employment will be subject to the continuation of such funding.

We highly encourage applications from diverse backgrounds, including individuals from the Majority World and women. Their unique experiences and perspectives are invaluable to our mission of shifting power and promoting the voices of the most at risk.

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